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You need the best M&A solutions.
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We are eager to find new, different and unusual angles to business problems. This energy is a key ingredient in successful M&A, ensuring that transaction solutions are not just financially sound but a good social and cultural fit. 

We could stop at adequate, but we won’t.​

Yes, proudly so.

We’re compelled to get outstanding results. This means never taking the easy way out and ‘settling’. Our clients don’t just need a satisfactory result. They need support and guidance. We express these qualities in all of our interactions.

We could stop at adequate, but we won’t.​

We don’t hide behind a corporate façade.

We openly think out of the box, we find sparks of insight, we dare to think differently. This creative approach pushes the boundaries of the possible, in every stage of the M&A process.

Having a strategic vision — however left-field it may be — and exploring the ramifications of it, is a central part of what we do.

We could stop at adequate, but we won’t.​

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LAVA Advisory Partners secures acquisition of Boundary Oak School by Globeducate

Others don’t have skin in the game. We do.

We take our work personally — it is precisely because of this that it really matters. We are emotionally involved in what we do, ensuring not just that we get our clients results but that we get the best outcome that no one has ever considered. This personal element draws on our reserves of courage, tenacity and patience, but it pays off in what we are able to ultimately achieve.

LAVA took ownership of the entire negotiation and due diligence process, relieving a huge amount of stress and complexity for us and making the whole transaction as painless as possible.

Aaron Stewart Co Founder, Quo Vadis Education 

The expert technical advice that LAVA provided us with meant we got hands-on support in some of the more complex areas of the deal that had a real commercial impact on the value we obtained from the transaction. 

Giles Whitman CFO, Intelligent Office

From the moment we met LAVA, the team always demonstrated an incredible understanding of our company and vision. We could not be happier with the process or the outcome.

Darren Mabbott Founder and CEO of Silverfish

LAVA has been great to work with. I look forward to the ongoing partnership with the team as we seek to expand our business in the future.

Roscoe Atkins Managing Director and vendor of Park Cameras

Working with LAVA Advisory Partners was hugely enjoyable, from the moment we first spoke to getting a finished deal only three months later. Their professionalism, negotiation skills and honesty definitely ensured we got the deal we wanted.

Richard Moore Managing Director, Source BMX

We put trust at the heart of what we do.

We surpass expectations in terms of customer service, the M&A process and the final result. We achieve this by prioritising meticulousness, using our sector-focused knowledge, embracing bold approaches, thinking both creatively and strategically, and bringing our seniority to the table. Taken together, these ingredients form the deep personal partnership that we enjoy with our clients and that leads to success.

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