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What’s in a name? What does “LAVA” mean to our team?

We get asked a lot about why we’re called “LAVA” and what the name means to our company.

The truth is, LAVA has no fixed meaning and we encourage those who work here to come up with their own interpretation of LAVA. We enjoy how the word’s visual nature sparks different explanations and imagery among the same team and that these diverse definitions represent the varied personalities and minds of the people we hire.

From the energy the word conjures up to concepts of fluidity and disruption, read on to understand the varying meanings of LAVA you’ll find within our firm.

“To me, LAVA means creating things anew. LAVA has the power to destroy but also the creative power to build new land. This is very relevant to our challenger boutique where we are not afraid to break down previous conceptions and methodologies, and build something new, tailored and creative.” Hamish Martin, Partner

“LAVA is the fluidity of how we build relationships and processes creatively and the solidity of the advice we’re providing and the results we get”. Claire Davis, Partner

“For me, LAVA stands for energy and how we bring that energy and enthusiasm to everything we do.  Whether that’s our existing clients and hunting down an exceptional result for them, following our interests in creating new deals, or developing the team and culture of LAVA itself.” 

Millie Counsell Associate

“LAVA is liquid and amorphous, forging a path towards its objective in a flexible but purposeful manner. At LAVA, we try to apply these characteristics to the way in which we work, providing a tailored and adaptable service with huge amounts of energy and focus.” Rob Telkman, Associate Director 

“LAVA means adapting to your surroundings, which is reflected in the beginner’s mindset approach to our deals. We pride ourselves on dismissing set formulas and evaluating all possible options available.” Tom Rowe-Jones, Associate Director

“LAVA is fluid, vibrant, fast-moving, and forms rocks which vary greatly in structure and composition. To me, this resonates with the team at LAVA – disrupting the market with an agile approach and using a dynamic team that brings together a wide variety of skillsets to collaborate and support clients in the M&A process.”

Lesley Dorrance-King Manager

“LAVA can be one thing today and something completely different tomorrow. We enjoy learning and growing as a team which means we are comfortable stepping back, reassessing situations and sometimes changing our views based on new information and lessons learned.”– Simon Woodcock, Partner


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