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LAVA Advisory Partners announce their inaugural transaction between Source BMX and BGF

LAVA Advisory Partners are proud to announce their first capital funding agreement between Source BMX and BGF, the world’s number one most active growth investor. From its modest beginnings in Bexhill-on-Sea, Source BMX has become the biggest BMX store on the planet, with a major presence in the UK, US and European markets as well as massive online sales. By working together with BGF, their phenomenal growth looks set to continue.

LAVA’s approach in this project was both highly efficient and very effective. They got to know the needs of Source BMX quickly and thoroughly. LAVA then presented them with a shortlist of funders, and best-case goals, all well-tailored to their immediate and future needs. After a short but intensive series of discussions, Source BMX got exactly the level of funding LAVA had outlined.

Our involvement with Source BMX goes way beyond a single project. We have skin in the game. It matters to us, in the short term, that they get exactly the funding partnership that they need, with minimal disruption to their business. But it’s also crucial to us that Source BMX is a long-term success, so we are proud to now own an equity stake in such a flourishing business. On the back of this, we’re looking to increase our work in the hobbyist retail sector

Simon Woodcock Founder and Partner of LAVA Advisory Partners

The agreement allows the directors of Source BMX to de-risk their personal investments while gaining an accessible source of finance. Furthermore, the agreement was settled quickly, over an eight-week period, and will be implemented over a similar timeframe, so minimizing unnecessary disruption. Above all, Source BMX wanted a minority partner who would align not just with their business vision but culturally: with BGF, they’ve found that partner.

This project epitomizes LAVA’s caring and energetic approach: getting to know the client’s background, needs and business vision intimately. There is also a distinct personal involvement: LAVA have themselves taken a one percent equity stake in Source BMX, confident in its future success and expansion.

Working with LAVA Advisory Partners was hugely enjoyable, from the moment we first spoke to getting a finished deal only three months later. They were one step ahead of us at every point, explaining the process and exactly what was needed from us. Their professionalism, negotiation skills and honesty definitely ensured we got the deal we wanted — and the best one for Source BMX.

Richard Moore Managing Director, Source BMX