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LAVA Advisory Partners build on sustainability pledge with investment in Furthr

LAVA Advisory Partners are proud to announce their latest strategic investment and partnership with Furthr, the world’s most engaging climate action platform.

Furthr is an employee benefits service that makes climate action fun and easy whilst driving engagement on sustainability, building habitats for endangered wildlife and employing local communities. The monthly subscription model enables employees to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees and supporting Furthr’s world-leading renewable energy projects. Employees are then able to track personal offset metrics in relatable terms and are incentivised to reach their targets through rewards such as prize draws, cash and eco-friendly gifts.

Partnering with Furthr allows LAVA to act on their B Corp commitment to using business as a force for good. Embracing Furthr’s initiatives and products, LAVA will plant a tree for every day LAVA exists, and employees will be given access to the monthly subscription service, offsetting the company’s carbon footprint and working towards a carbon-neutral future for the business as it grows.

LAVA’s financial investment in Furthr will contribute to the development of the organisation’s new engagement platform, the growth of the expanding team and promotion of Furthr’s range of business and employee benefits. 

Beyond funding, LAVA will act as a strategic investor in Furthr, facilitating the startup’s growth by providing insights and advice from the team’s experience of buying and selling larger corporates with similar subscription-based models. LAVA will also work with Furthr to secure future investment opportunities, helping define KPIs and avoid pitfalls when seeking funding.

Investing in Furthr demonstrates one of LAVA’s core values, having skin in the game. Being emotionally involved in their business partnerships and deals, LAVA go beyond what is expected of a firm in the M&A space. The company’s investment in Furthr creates a personal tie to the partner, driving team motivation to support individual and collective interest in Furthr and its growth.

We are not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. The investment in Furthr signifies our intent to not only move LAVA towards becoming carbon negative, but also supports Furthr to grow and make personal carbon offsetting a standard practice for businesses looking to do their part in tackling the climate crisis.

Simon Woodcock Partner at LAVA

We’re over the moon to be joining the LAVA family. No one can deny that our climate crisis is a complex challenge, but complex challenges present the opportunity to bring communities together and drive impactful solutions.

We already see that LAVA’s community is a perfect match for ours, and already they are providing critical expertise to fuel our growth across the UK, EU & globally.

Henry Bishop Founder at Furthr